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Founder, Peter Schweigerer, visiting his former school in South Africa



Blue Chip Future Fund is an effort to extensively support outstanding teenagers in economically and politically dysfunctional countries, to help form a generation of leaders capable of driving systemic change.


The organization was brought to life by Peter Schweigerer and Palesa Mathang. It aims to assist learners reach their full potential through various levels of comprehensive support. 


Good to know: "Blue Chip" is a commonly used term in finance to describe large, trusted, and well-recognized corporations listed on a stock exchange. We believe our participants are going to become just that—future Blue Chips.

To drive personal and professional development, participants are going to receive access to various powerful resources. Among other things, the palette consists of a combination of mentorship, in-person guidance, support for extracurricular activities, and an ever-increasing corporate network. Every BCFF member will be selected with the utmost care and in line with our values and principles. Together, we strive to build a community of high-value individuals, which are capable and willing to take matters into their own hands to get things done.


All that we do is guided by a set of core values. These principles lie at the heart of our non-profit organization, influencing our decisions, actions, and interactions with our stakeholders. But first and foremost, we want to instill these guiding values into our Blue Chips, to help them navigate their lives in an independent and responsible way.

Peter, CEO & Co-Founder

"It was time to finally take action instead of just watching and complaining about problems that have prevailed for decades."

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