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Program Structure.

Advancing as a society will always be a team effort. We want to make sure that everyone involved is on the same page and working towards one goal

BCFF relies on open and transparent collaboration of the following parties:

  • Participant or “Blue Chip” (student successfully admitted to the program)

  • Guardian (person legally liable for the participant)

  • School (academic institution the participant goes to)

  • BCFF educator (local person in charge of program execution)

  • Mentor (international experienced individual seeking cultural exchange)

The program will be tailored around the needs of our future Blue Chips. They are the ones capable of driving change in the long term and the determining factor for the success of this organization.

Support Scope.

As guardians know their children best, we want to make sure to bring them on board to get a better understanding of our prospective participants' behavior in and outside of school. 

Education should be every kid’s top priority. For that reason, we are planning to collaborate closely with participating schools and academic institutions. Every Blue Chip will be placed at a carefully selected partner school, with the respective fees for all five years of high school being covered by us.


The BCFF educators will be the connecting links for all parties involved, assuring streamlined communication and monitoring the participants' academic and personal progress. 

To foster cultural exchange and provide guidance, each participant will be matched with an international mentor offering an open ear and a neutral perspective along the way. 


As standardized as necessary, as individual as possible: The personalities and needs of our participants are as unique and manifold as their talents. We firmly believe that education should be tailored to the individual, which is why we try to provide each Blue Chip with the resources required to pave their own way.

To nurture, not to overload: We are aware that sometimes change can be overwhelming. Hence, we have created a prorietary curriculum that allows for a period of adaptation. We are taking particularly stressful times of the respective school year into account and distribute additional workload carefully. We offer mental health resources along the way to ensure our participants are flourishing also on a personal level.

Phases of the Program (1).png

Orientation Phase: The first two years of the program (i.e., the Senior Phase) are designed to ensure the participants' smooth transition to their new school and surroundings. During this period, we expose our Blue Chips to a wide range of potential careers, various fields of study, as well as small- and large-scale societal issues. At the end of the Orientation Phase each participant should have a clearer idea about what path(s) they want to pursue in the future.

Concentration Phase: Years three to five (i.e., Further Education and Training) of our program prepare our participants for their graduation. After fleshing out and (re-)defining a clear plan for their future, each Blue Chip will receive specific support for their life after high school.

Personal Development Journeys (PDJs): Throughout the program each Blue Chip will document their individual experience, mostly in the form of periodical blog posts. These unique Personal Development Journeys (PDJs) are to ensure that the participants engage with and reflect upon the provided resources and materials.

Selection Criteria.

If you are:

  • currently in grade 7,

  • South African citizen,

  • a recipient of the "Social Relief of Distress" (SRD) Grant,

  • a high performing student (especially in Mathematics and English),

  • with proven social commitment (e.g., volunteer work) and

  • the willingness to stay in South Africa and be the change the country needs,

then take your chance and use the form provided below to apply for your spot in our program.

Applicaton Form


You want to seize your opportunity and become a future Blue Chip? Fill out the application and tell us about your motivation to join our program starting January 2025.

Grade 5 and 6 reports

Thanks for submitting!

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