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We strive to provide our Blue Chips with the skills necessary to become proponents of systemic change. While every person is as unique as their dreams and goals, a set of guiding values as well as the ability to think critically are imperative for anyone to lead an independent life.


Our proprietary curriculum is designed to complement the South African educational system, with a quarterly focus on societal issues that might come up short in daily school life. Personal Development Journeys (PDJs) are the main tool to ensure our participant's growth throughout the program. Each student's PDJ is comprised of the additional exercises completed within the program and reflects the individual engagement with the resources offered by us (e.g., intercultural mentoring).

Not only are the PDJs essential to implement our curriculum, but also to constantly adapt, revise, and improve it. The PDJs offer us the opportunity to observe the progress of our Blue Chips in real time and tailor the program to their specific needs.

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