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Aggie Dent

Aug 4, 2023

BCFF receives funding from the Austrian Embassy, Pretoria

August 2023 (Pretoria, South Africa): Blue Chip Future Fund receives its first significant funding from a governmental institution. After months of hard work getting the business off the ground and meeting with stakeholders in South Africa and other regions around the world, BCFF lands its first grant.

The Austrian Embassy in South Africa located in Pretoria makes a donation to BCFF in support of its mission and vision to provide access to top-notch high school education to underserved children. This partnership helps BCFF grow and together leverage resources to create positive change in South Africa.

Learn more about the Austrian Embassy, Pretoria.

BCFF Co-Founders, Peter Schweigerer and Palesa Mathang visited the Austrian Embassy to celebrate Austria National Day and expand on the partnership between BCFF the Austrian Embassy in South Africa.


Press Contact: Aggie Dent,

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