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Aggie Dent

Oct 23, 2023

BCFF receives funding from the Federal State of Salzburg, Austria

October 23, 2023 (Salzburg, Austria): Blue Chip Future Funds has received support from Salzburg, Austria, the home state of Co-Founders, Peter Schweigerer and Michael Hinterreiter. This donation furthers the BCFF footprint in Austria as well as signifying a wider relationship between Austria and South Africa.

Peter Schweigerer, CEO and Co-Founder: “The donation and support from Salzburg means a lot to the BCFF team and myself. Seeing my home state show interest and collaboration to help my vision come to life is encouraging and drives us to make even more of a powerful impact.” 

Michael Hinterreiter, BCFF COO and Co-Founder: “I want to express thankfulness and excitement for our recent funding received from Salzburg. Peter and I are honored to be supported by our home state and can’t wait to build out the relationship between BCFF and Salzburg with more projects launching in the near future.”


Press Contact: Aggie Dent,

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