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Aggie Dent

Jan 4, 2024

BCFF launches program for first class of students

January 2024 (Johannesburg, South Africa): With extreme excitement and pleasure Blue Chip Future Fund announces our first class of student programming is launched in South Africa. BCFF has identified the first students to go through Personal Development Journeys and professional mentorship in order to set them up for success in the future. This group of students will graduate in 2028. BCFF looks forward to starting this journey with our students and cannot wait to put more of our business in action. 

Palesa Mathang, Co-Founder and Head of Education: “Launching our program and selecting the first few students to go through our Personal Development Journeys is a huge step in our progress. We are looking forward to working with these students and further developing our proprietary curriculum along the way.”


Press Contact: Aggie Dent,

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